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Professional Development

Our programs are designed to build professional identities and communities, whether you’re preparing for a career in or outside of academia. Through teaching and learning support, academic and career development, and a supportive mentoring network, you'll hone the creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaborative skills you need to succeed in an increasingly global society.



The Graduate College provides training beyond your academic curriculum designed to enrich and advance your graduate school experience by infusing skills critical to maximizing your education and articulating your degree into a career: communication, creativity, critical thinking and collaboration.


Courses and Programs

Interdisciplinary Research Colloquium (IRC)

IRC introduces new graduate students to Arizona State University’s unique, socially-transformative academic culture. Students will examine and reflect upon the practices and conventions of their own academic disciplines, consider ways in which interdisciplinary perspectives and approaches may complement or strengthen their  work and begin building robust scholarly identities. 

Knowledge Mobilization Biogals Group

Knowledge Mobilization Studio

Offered each spring, the Knowledge Mobilization Studio is a one-credit course that provides graduate students with a framework to mobilize their own research and draw connections between it and a broad range of end users. The course enables them to make their discoveries accessible, exert change and have an impact on the world.

Preparing future faculty and scholars group

Preparing Future Faculty and Scholars (PFx)

This coursework will help you identify different types of institutions and their key differences, explore multiple career pathways aligned with your own strengths and interests, and develop a plan to successfully realize your career goals.

Graduate Assistant Training (RA/TA)

The Graduate Assistant Training program is required for all new teaching assistants (TAs) and also highly encouraged for both new and returning research assistants (RAs).  This program provides training and resources as well as an orientation of the responsibilities of being an RA/TA.