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Plan of study (iPOS)


The Plan of Study (iPOS) functions as an agreement between the student, the academic unit, and the Graduate College.

  1. Students must submit their iPOS by the time they have enrolled for 50 percent of the minimum credit hours required for their degree program.
  2. The iPOS contains degree requirements such as coursework, committee and a culminating experience which must be included before it can be approved.
  3. An approved iPOS must be on file prior to completing comprehensive exams, thesis/dissertation.
  4. You should be in consultation with your academic program advisor to determine what coursework is applicable to your program and is required on the iPOS.


If you have an extenuating circumstance that warrants an exception to policy, you will need to submit a petition to Graduate College for approval. 

If you are completing your iPOS and a petition is automatically prompted, you are attempting to add/alter your iPOS that breaks a policy set in place. Please consult with your academic unit with questions. Unless you have received prior approval from Graduate College or your academic unit, you should not submit an iPOS with petitions. There are standalone petitions within the iPOS that are available after the iPOS has been approved, however, you need to confirm with your academic unit if you should in fact submit an electronic petition prior to submission.