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Best Practices

The Graduate College provides information on best practices to enrich the graduate experience for students and faculty.


 Creating a Mentoring Agreement

Creating a Mentoring Agreement

This document helps outline the initiation stage of the mentoring relationship and the key elements of a mentoring agreement.

Goal Setting

Goal Setting


This document helps highlight the desired objectives of the mentoring relationship. Goals can be personal, academic, professional or a combination.

Initiating Mentoring Relationships

Initiating Mentoring Relationships


There are three stages of formal mentoring relationships; initiation, cultivation and culmination.

Intentional Conversations

Intentional Conversations


Mentoring relationships are based on intentional, goal-driven conversations. Follow these six strategies for more productive mentorship.

Nine practices for mentors

Nine Practices for Mentors


This document provides guidelines for expanding your skillsets as a mentor.

Designing new programs

Top 12 Considerations for Designing New Academic Programs


This document provides guidelines for expanding your skillsets as a mentor.


Best practices academic plans 

Key considerations for creating academic plans

This document provides guidelines in creating academic plans, submitting through Curriculum ChangeMaker and writing a compelling proposal.

Preparing Learning Outcomes and Measures for Academic Plans

Best Practice Tips for Preparing Learning Outcomes and Measures for Academic Plans

These guidelines help ensure your plan is as clear and strategic as possible.

Best practice sheet for new online programs

Guidelines for onboarding new online graduate programs

Are you starting an online program or adding online delivery, consider these guidelines.

Knowledge Mobilization: 10 Tips on How to Conceptualize Your Knowledge Mobilization Efforts

How will your research impact the world?

The mentoring connection: choosing a mentor program

The Mentoring Connection: Choosing a mentoring program

This best practice document outlines ways to classify and think about mentoring, helping you to foster successful strategies for your mentoring relationship.

Mentoring Connection Peer Mentoring

The Mentoring Connection: Peer mentoring

Mentoring has been identified as one of the most effective ways of bolstering graduate student success and persistence.

Holding a bullhorn

How to prepare effective graduate program handbooks

The deadline for graduate program handbook submission to the Graduate College is July 1, 2018.

JumpStart master’s program approach using innovative specializations to grow new degrees

Take a look at how you can leverage existing master's programs for new degrees.

DocuSign will be used for Committee Approval Requests.

Committee Approval Requests Will Now Use DocuSign

Download the best practice quick guide for using DocuSign for Committee Approval Requests.

ASU student mentoring fellow students.

Best Practices for Peer Mentoring

Graduate school is designed to challenge and expose students to multiple perspectives.