Due to the continued spread of the COVID-19 virus and the public health recommendations that come with it, Arizona State University will be celebrating with its graduates in the 2020 Spring commencement in a virtual, online ceremony. The format may be different, but our enthusiasm for celebration has never been more inspired and we encourage you to join us in honoring ASU graduate and undergraduate students the week of May 11. Planning is underway. For more details, please check back here for updates and additional information about online activities. Commencement FAQ page

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Student Academic Progress

Satisfactory progress and dismissals

Provisional Admission: At the end of each semester, Graduate College reviews students who were admitted provisionally to determine if they have successfully met the conditions of admission. If a student has met the conditions, the provisional admission hold will be removed from the student’s record. If a student has not successfully met the conditions of admission, Graduate College will dismiss the student from the program. Overseen by Graduate College. No appeal process.

Admission with Deficiencies: At the end of each semester, the Academic Unit reviews students that have been admitted with deficiencies. If a student has successfully completed the deficiency requirements outlined by the Academic Unit in the student’s admission letter, the Academic Unit will send a letter to the student informing them that they have met the conditions of admission and are in good academic standing. If a student has not successfully met the deficiency requirements, the Academic Unit will notify Graduate College that the student did not meet the conditions of admission and recommend the student for dismissal from the program. Overseen by the Academic Unit. No appeal process.

Automatic Low GPA Probation: Graduate College will conduct a GPA audit at the end of each semester. Any graduate student with a cumulative GPA below 3.00 will automatically be placed on academic probation. Students will receive an alert on MyASU and an email notifying them that they have been placed on academic probation and that they must contact their Academic Unit. Automatic Low GPA Probation does not replace a Probation Notice from the Academic Unit.

Satisfactory Progress Review: At the end of each semester, the Academic Unit reviews their graduate students’ academic records to ensure that students have met the degree, Academic Unit, College/School and Graduate College satisfactory progress policies.